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  • Complete Your Degree / ReverseTransfer

Complete Your Degree / Reverse Transfer

  • Welcome back!

     Through this process, you can complete a degree from SCC after transferring to another college or university. Credits earned at another institution can be transferred back (reverse transfer) to fulfill SCC degree requirements.

    Eight Reasons to Complete a Community College Degree

    Whether or not your goal is to complete a bachelor’s degree, here are good reasons to complete a community college degree:

    1. A degree is formal recognition of your scholastic achievement.
    2. A degree says you have mastered a diverse and comprehensive body of academic knowledge.
    3. Having a degree enhances your resume. It looks better to have a degree than it does to have “some college courses.”
    4. A degree may help you land a better job, a promotion, or a pay increase.
    5. Earning a degree demonstrates to your family that you value staying in school and completing your education.
    6. Earning a degree reflects your ability to plan, to persevere, and to achieve your goals.
    7. Life does not always go as expected. If, for any reason, you are delayed in completing your bachelor’s degree, you will have another degree to fall back upon.
    8. You’ve graduated. Maybe someone will throw you a party!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is Reverse Transfer? Reverse transfer is the process of awarding a degree to a student who began their education at SCC, transferred to another institution, and then earned credits which can be transferred back to fulfill the requirements of a community college degree, certificate, or diploma.
    2. Am I eligible? To be eligible for reverse transfer, you must complete at least one-third of your program requirements at SCC. Eligibility is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 
    3. How much does it cost? You must pay the required graduation fee, currently $35. Your transfer institution may charge a transcript fee, and you may also need additional courses to complete your community college degree. SCC does not charge students for the credit evaluation process or advising.
    4. Which of my college courses will apply toward my SCC degree plan? All transferred courses must meet the minimum grade requirements of the program, usually a “C” or better. 
    5. Am I required to return to SCC to complete any remaining courses needed for a degree? No, you are not required to return to SCC if you can take them at your current institution. However, those courses must be applicable to your SCC degree and meet minimum grade requirements. Contact an SCC advisor before enrolling in additional courses to save time and money.
    6. Can I still reverse transfer if I have already completed my bachelor’s degree after transferring from SCC? Yes. 
    7. If I earn a degree through reverse transfer, can I participate in SCC’s commencement? Yes. Earning a degree is a major accomplishment. Your advisor can assist you in applying for graduation when all program requirements are complete.
    8. Am I guaranteed an associate degree if my current college major is the same as the degree offered by SCC? No. An SCC degree will be awarded if your combined credits satisfy degree requirements and if you meet all other graduation requirements. For other graduation requirements, see the College Catalog, pp 174-175.

    Get started on completing your degree by scheduling an appointment with an Admissions Counselor! Staff are available to meet with you one-on-one to determine your next steps!