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For Students and Parents

  • Students

    • Please work with your high school counselor to register for these college credit courses.
    • Visit the How to Enroll page for registration information.
    • After the class is over, you may access your grades on WebAdvisor. You will be given a username and student ID to access your information.

    Grades are not mailed, students have constant access to WebAdvisor.

    The SCC Catalog states, "Grades are posted to WebAdvisor within one week following the end of the term.  Grades become part of the student's permanent record.  It is the student's responsibility to review his/her grades for accuracy.  If there is a question or disagreement with the grade, a student must contact the campus Registration and Records Office.

    Grade disputes must be resolved within 10-classroom days (not counting Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays) after the start date of the next term.  On the 11th classroom day of the next term, the grade is considered to be "permanent."  Students can access their grades online with Web Advisor using login ID and password.  Contact SCC Student Services for more information."


    Tuition - and fees are due on or before the first day of class.

    FERPA - SCC has developed policies and procedures in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. 

    Generally, students have the following rights: to inspect and review their educational records; to a hearing to challenge the contents of their records; and to receive copies of all or part of their educational records upon request.

    All requests for student records and information must be in writing and directed to the campus Student Services Office. Questions relating to the release of records and information should be directed to the campus Student Services Office. SCC may provide directory lists of graduates to senior institutions that have an articulation agreement with SCC.

    The College requires a student's Social Security number as a condition for enrollment. A student's Social Security number information constitutes an "educational record" under FERPA. The College will be privileged to distribute that information only with the consent of the student or in those very limited circumstances when consent is not required by FERPA. Questions regarding FERPA should be directed to the campus Registration and Records Office.

    High school students, parents and their counselors or principals all sign a "Permission for Enrollment" form before the high school student is enrolled in a class at SCC. The student signature grants permission for SCC to "release information relative to my progress at Southeast Community College to my high school student records office and to my parents/guardians." This release is for the duration of the particular term only. Parents are encouraged to contact the student's high school for information on the student's progress in the college classes.

    Please contact your local high school coordinator for more information.